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16 June 2012


a night to remember
a day that will last in our memories forever
a night that we will all share together
a night with no fights
everything is going all right
a night in which we all unite
to celebrate
a step closer to our goals and dreams
even though this night may seem
to be one of our last nights
as we remember our times together from the past
try not to be sad
because as long as the memories are alive in our hearts
our sister and brother hood can never break apart
so have a blast
live the night up
while you’re all glam’d up
step out and cause a scene (on the dance floor)
because tonight
we all are beauty queens and drop-dead gorgeous kings
forever in our hearts and mind
Bina Bangsa School students (year 10, class of 2011 - 2012)
tonight is our night
now it's our time
to shine during this year.


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