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09 July 2011

remember we used to have this kind of conversation? :')

Her: You love me, don’t you?
Him: I do.
Her: If you love me, are you willing to let me go?
Him: *silence* Do you love me?
Her: Yes, I do.
Him: Are you willing to let me go?
Her: Never, babe. Not in a million, billion, trillion, non-stop years. I love you waaay too much. And I’m not stupid enough to let you go. Letting you go will be my greatest regret. It’ll feel as if I’m missing a huge piece in my heart. Even if I say that you deserve someone better than me, I still honestly can say that I deserve you. You’ve changed my perspective about love, and how there’s always that one guy who isn’t the same as the rest, which is you, of course. I can never live without you. NEVER. I have too much memories with you. And I know for sure that I’ll die a little inside. Like what you have said, “We both aren’t perfect individuals, but we’re perfect for each other.” I apologize for making this situation go further than I thought it would be. And I just want you to know that I’ll always always always love you, no matter what we go through. Like what we always say to each other, “I’ll marry you someday.” I won’t give up on you, on US, and this relationship. We’ve got so far into it, and it’s a shame if it was to end now. I know that we both can make it even further into this relationship. We just have to work together as a team. I love you, babe. And don’t you ever forget that.


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